The philosophy is simple: Clean for health first, then appearance. Of course, Cleaning for Health requires the proper chemicals, equipment, and machines, but more important is the system that is utilized within the cleaning operation. The system, or process, must assure that the facility is properly detail cleaned on a scheduled basis and it must assure that cleaning, rather than polluting, is the result of the cleaning worker activities in the facility. It is these processes, chemicals, equipment and processes that allow Cleveland Corporate Cleaning to provide a superior “clean” for our clients.

Cleveland Corporate Cleaning workers think small when it comes to health and cleaning. Cleaning for appearance removes “big” visible soil rather than cleaning for health that removes “small” invisible bacteria, dust and airborne particulates and other micro, bio and chemical contaminates – largely the contributors to unhealthy indoor environments. Using the OS(1) Process to provide contract-cleaning services to commercial and institutional clients, we are working to improve your buildings indoor air quality and the health and wellbeing of your employees.

  • Cleveland Corporate Cleaning has converted over 1,500,000 Square Feet of cleaning to OS(1).
  • The OS(1) Process by Cleveland Corporate Cleaning provides points towards LEED Certification by an independent audit.
  • OS(1) is the Number One Cleaning System in The World.

Download OSi cleaning process vs. traditional housekeeping results